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Iron Steam – Sci-Fi Adventure In Development

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Iron Steam is a sci-fi adventure game in which you play as a robot (from 1st person view) in a quest to find the meaning of your existence.
The game is being made with the great FOSS Blender and will come in episodes.
This game is being made by Endi as a hobby project – and from the screenshots below it looks very professional.

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More Details On Unigine’s OilRush Game

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

A few days ago Unigine Corp announced OilRush, their first in-house game that’s coming from the creators of one of the most advanced multi-platform engines. Unigine developers are also fond of Linux and properly support it with the OilRush game receiving the same level of support and there will be a Linux client on launch-day.

Judging from the dozens of responses in our forums, many Linux gamers are ecstatic for this game that’s to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. Denis Shergin, the CEO of Unigine Corp and a Phoronix Forums member, has also been answering some questions relating to their game within that thread. Below are a few more bits of information about the Linux version of OilRush.

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Some more (L)GPL strategy game love

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Ok, quick update before too much dust gathers around here 😉 Just yesterday I stumbled upon this gem of a strategy game over at LGDB:

They call that simple bot???

Its name is Quantum, as some of you might have guessed it is a clone of Dyson/Eufloria. But the game is quite mesmerizing with the strange background noise and your armies of small space tree spores conquering new worlds. But try it yourself!

Now normally clones are not as good as the original, right? Not is this case: Full multiplayer (with master-server and lobby), singleplayer skirmishes, in-game editor etc. are just a small part of the long feature list! Furthermore it’s all available under the LGPL (written in Java). Me = happy puppy 🙂

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5 More Linux Games You Probably Haven’t Played

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Linux is not known for gaming, and when most people think of Linux games, they think of a few free and open source games that are good but not numerous. Nevertheless, there is a growing pool of free and commercial independent gaming developers who are pushing the envelope by offering their games on multiple platforms, including Linux.

They are available for purchase and download right over the Internet (often DRM-free), and some of them are pretty high quality. Here are five more you might not have played but are definitely worth giving a try.

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Top 8 Games For ‘Non-Gamers’ in Linux

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I am not a serious gamer at all. If you want to see me totally disoriented, play an FPS game in front of me. But then there are always these silly games for people like me. Here is a quick list of my favorite time wasters or puzzle games or whatever you call it.


Pingus is my favorite time pass in Ubuntu. It is a simple puzzle game that almost everyone will love. It is quite addictive I should say. And you don’t have to be a “Gamer” to play it. It is available by default in almost all Linux distros I believe. If you are an Ubuntu user(or any other distro using debain package management), click here to install Pingus.

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Foobillard, an opensouce Billiard Simulation game for Linux

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Had a night out with friends, the plan was to watch a lot of movies but ended up playing this awesome game from 3am until morning. And the amazing part – all of us had hardly ever played any cue games before. I never realized that a non-arcade game like this could keep me awake all night .

My whole experience with the game might look a bit false based upon the fact that I haven’t played such games in real-life much, but listen to this, “Foobillard was actually suggested to me by a college friend who is a die hard fan of cue sports and a good player too”. So, if a real-life player is recommending it, you have got to give it a shot.

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Some puzzle games

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Can you imagine what a mix between a Pin-Ball machine, a physics simulator and a breakout clone would look like? Well your wildest dreams have been answered! Check this out:
The game Flipout combines all this, and is a very challenging game in addition (didn’t manage to even complete the first level 🙁 ). But try it yourself 😉

Another pretty interesting game by the same author is Mechanical Tower, a self described tower defense game: “but instead of defending with towers, you defend in a tower, with traps”

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Casino Bonus Principles

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Online casinos offer big profit opportunities to newbies because they are attempting to entice more and more new casino players to sign up and to make a few deposits.

Normally each casino game has a built-in advantage for the house. It is the reason that supplies casinos with their gaming profits. Definitely the house edge in the long run is a guarantee for the online casinos to get their profit. But before that online casinos need depositing players. The casinos basically have one of the most convincing teasers for the potential players, but it is a great one: money. This free casino money in a form of casino bonus completely change the house edge in favour of the player.

The principles

The principles are simple: you sign up an account and deposit – let’s say $100. For the new client, the casino would match your deposit with the casino bonus money of $100. Hey, that’s great especially if the casino allows cashing out the bonus straightaway. Obviously the casinos would have all gone bankrupt next day after launching if the allow players to milk their free casino bonus money so easy. That is why in the casino terms and conditions you would find that requirements to play a certain amount before you would be permitted to make a withdrawal of your funds. Let’s say at the casino where we get 100% match casino bonus of $100 the wagering requirement 20 times the amount of the casino deposit and the casino bonus combined. This means you have to place a total of $4000 in bets before the cashing out is permitted. Casino player may place 40 bets of $100 each, or 800 bets of $5, or 4000 bets of $1. It is definitely a good deal as far as the casino allows to wager on the casino games where the house advantage over a player is low enough to extract a certain profit out of the casino bonus.

The house edge of the casino games varies greatly. The casino games which have a skill element, the edge is defined as the house advantage from optimal play. Depending on the house rules the house edge for the casino blackjack ranges from almost zero to 2%. Find more about Blackjack here: On-line casinos for those who like BlackJack.

In other words if you play perfect Blackjack Basic Strategy on six deck blackjack table the house advantage is 0.5%. One-half of one percent of $4000 is $20. So, it is possible to expect upon the completion of the wagering requirements to have $180 remaining of the starting balance of $200. That is $80 clear profit on the investment of $100. This type of the casino bonus requires conservative wagering with small stacks helping to avoid big fluctuations of the hands results.

Now it is up to the player to decide if the casino bonus profit looks reasonable to sign up the casino account estimating the amount of time it would take to meet the casino bonus wagering requirements.

Let’s say if you have to wager $50000 of $5 bets expecting to get casino bonus profit of $25, it is not worth your time even if you play blackjack faster than other casino players. Either the casino bonus is too small or the wagering requirement is too big, the time of the casino player is worth more than that. However there are plenty online casinos offering decent casino bonus promotions. With the latest high speed internet connection the casino games are pretty fast to play and lots of players can play up to 600 hands per hour.

Obviously online casinos realized that lots of players simply just milking the casino bonus money jumping from one casino to another. That is why casinos have been forced to put certain restrictions to prevent this from happening: increased casino bonus wagering requirements, implemented restrictions on some games from qualifying wagering requirements, created new types of casino bonuses.

On the other hand depending on the casino bonus type, casino bonus wagering requirements, restricted games for wagering professional players are able to beat the casinos by using different casino bonus strategies.

BOFH: Servers Under Siege

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

BOFH is a top-down shooter that takes place in a school. You’re a mean administrator and have to shoot bad guys, take their weapons and disarm bombs attached to server stacks by finding notes that tell you in what order to cut the wires!

Now this might sound overly simple, but the enemy AI make the mindless shooting interesting enough by reacting to gunshots sounds and having non-naive movement patterns. I haven’t progressed too far in the game so far, so I can only say that there is a new enemy type on a higher building floor, maybe there’s even more, probably at least a boss battle.

Music and sounds are just excellent, although I sometimes wish there was more than one in-game track.

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Teagon – Chain Tetris

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The Polish indie game developers Easy Future developed an engine called “Too dizzy” and tested it with their new tetris game Teagon !
Teagon is available as freeware for GNU/Linux (currently only as .deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit).

Teagon is a new arcade game with old well know rules. We added to it a new feature called “chain”. Try to figure out how to get the maximum score. Our dragon will show You the way!

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