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Yearning for more blog posts

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Gosh that tumbleweed is clogging up the blog!

I logged into github today and saw this highly active project in my feed called The Yearning

A hybrid singleplayer / multiplayer game about spider drones and the meaning of life.

If that doesn’t mean too much to you (it didn’t to me!) then fortunately you can check out this gif of some gameplay. 

Lots of other projects continue on strongly. Then there’s others that need a bit of TLC. Somebody is having a bit of a go with reviving Open City, which could hopefully lead to making it a bigger project with more contributors later down the line. Then there’s somebody reviving Lips of Suna. That’s the great thing about open source – there’s always a chance somebody is interested enough to take on the mantle should the original developer move on to other things.

Lips of Suna 0.8.0 released

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

And another great new release 🙂

Our favorite work in progress & not quite serious anime RPG Lips of Suna bumps its release number to 0.8 (change-log).

I know what you are thinking…

Most notable changes:

  • New player model and animations contributed by gruntunbur.
  • Lots of sound effects contributed by qubodup.
  • More powerful animation blending.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Better eye, face and hair color customization.
  • Fixed the AI not being able to use many kind of weapons correctly.
  • Procedural map area placement and planning system.
  • Procedural dungeon generation with corridors, rooms, treasures and monsters.
  • Balanced the movement speed and physics behavior of player characters.
  • Terrain chunks close to the player character load much faster.

Comment away below or in our forums.

Addition (2013-11-21): Now there are also windows binaries available.

Lips of Suna 0.7.0 released

Monday, August 12th, 2013

After a long hibernation a new version of the 3D RPG Lips of Suna was released today!

Take that you, ermm brown something?

More screenshots here, and there are quite a few great new features:

  • New terrain system.
  • More responsive controls.
  • Real single player mode.
  • New spell and enchantment systems.
  • Many graphical improvements.
  • Added limited scope game modes.
  • Improved script performance.
  • Extended character modeling support.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Improved mod loading.
  • Major code cleanup.
  • Several less interesting changes.

Looks like the developers are back at it full-force, so give them some encuraging feedback over here!

Lips of Suna 0.6 and other RPG news

Monday, May 28th, 2012
So my recent rant resulted in a lively discussion about ARPGs, but sadly not really in any contributions or new contributors for Summoning Wars so far… but maybe that was too much to hope for 😉

Anyways, another project I mentioned was just recently updated:

Lips of Suna is now available as Version 0.6 (release notes on our forums) and this release marks the first official release with OGRE3D as the rendering engine. In my rant I dissed that rendering engine a bit due to the lack of good content creation tools (yes I know, not their focus or intention), but at least here it seems to have been put to a good use.

In somewhat unrelated news, there is also a new version of OpenMW, which is continuing at their current fast pace to reimplement that well known RPG. Change-log can be also found in our forums.