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LinWarrior 3D September news 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

A word from the developer of LinWarrior 3D:

In the past weeks I’ve been working on some of the last changes to clean up the guts inside the mech class by moving everything to components and systems.
That includes a component for sounds that should eventually enable foot steps.
Of course some special cases still remain for later cleanup (like the jump jet light).
Some possible experiment-branch directions I see now are these:

  • Persistence (savegames dude) using sqlite
  • Reworking the Input to have events consumed by systems/components (or passing abstractions of SDL events).
  • Some relaxing modeling work and integration of some more models
  • Extending Physics to support tracked and wheeled vehicles – just talking about slanting on sloped ground by having 4 particles for wheels.

Multithreading would be possible, and easy with the system/component approach now but it isn’t a top priority I think.
Easy because the execution model is working in phases, one sub-system at a time with no immediate communication between subsystems.

– hc on the forums