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War§ow 1.0 released

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Yesterday the long awaited version 0.7  1.0 was released and thus after 7 years of development War§ow has gone out of beta.

For those out of the loop, here is a short description of it by the developers:

Warsow is a fast paced, deathmatch game. It has your classic things like bunny hopping, rocket jumping, and general mayhem. There’s many game modes, including, Bomb & Defuse, CTF, Instagib, and the classic 1v1 Duel.

You can see the full changelog (including many nice screenshots) here, and if you want to give it a try, head over to their download page.

They also made a nice release trailer:

For those wondering, there is some discussion here with War§ow developers trying to justify their decision to keep the art assets non-free and why there isn’t a open source-code repository.
Personally I am not convinced, but at least they release their engine code and promise to keep the overall game always freeware…

However besides that, it’s a fun FPS! So try some crazy parcour-like moves yourself 😉

AlienArena reloaded edition

Friday, July 6th, 2012

The PR machine behind AlienArena seems to have found out by rigorous focus-group testing and public surveying, that a re-branding of the idtech2 based arena FPS, was in order…
But here on the uncompromising last resort of free and unbiased game journalism we call it what it is: a nice new release, bumping the version number to 7.60; because as you should know… a higher number is always better :p

New alien spider bots!

Obviously it wasn’t just the number that changed, and the list of engine, art and gameplay improvements is actually quite impressive for this release.
Another thing they updated is their website (the old one was quite horrible), and while this is a open-source game only by its engine code and sadly not media, I really like their new slogan:

Open Sourced. Ever Evolving.

Which has a certain ring to it 😉

Speaking of PR efforts, there is now a dedicated PR team for War§ow and the long awaited 0.7 release is slowly moving forward and you can see (incl. many nice screenshots) what kind of changes you can expect here.

Screenshot from the War§ow 0.7 changelog thread

There is also an BETA release of the version 0.7 (which according to standard version naming schemes should be a beta itself I guess 😉 ) which can be downloaded here.

BananaBread, Sauerbraten in HTML5

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Bananabread is the spiritual successor to Syntensity (which added a Javascript scripting layer to Sauerbraten) only this time running inside the player’s browser. It was ported using Emscripten, a C++ (LLVM) to Javascript compiler, and seems to have quite a lot of Sauerbraten’s functionality ported over, including bots, multiple weapons, map editing, and even a Javascript api to control camera cutscenes.

It currently runs in the development versions of Firefox and Chrome and seems to get about 1/3rd to 1/4th of native fps. Get the source here:

OverDose now officially… hmm?… open-source?

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Somehow I was under the impression that the team behind Overdose had realized some time ago that by using the idTech2 base they would be bound to the GPL licensing requirements, and abandoned plans to buy a separate license just to keep the code closed… however that was never officially announced until now:

This now means that OverDose is totally open, totally moddable, and totally complete with its own mod tools, which include level compilers, map editors, font tools, custom HD .RoQ video compilers, texture compression tools, model format tools… Lets just say, a decent package of tools with a fully written SDK and developer wiki. So you don’t just get the game source code, you get the full shebang, everything. Of course media still belongs to OverDose, but the above should be great news to any mod people or budding game makers.
Whats more, the code is available… Right now! Get in touch at for a link to the codebase which is constantly updated! Any budding coders out there who want to be part of the OverDose team be sure to get in touch, we always, ALWAYS need more coders 😉

In their recent news they also mention that they have realized that keeping the source closed doesn’t help against hackers (a realization that comes better late then never 🙂 ) and that their updated (GTK-Radiant based) level-editor is now available. That they add all their other (AFAIK Windows only) tools into the open-source mix too is an unexpected but very nice bonus!

Some recent automatic foliage tests

I assume by asking for code access they will point you to the “hidden” repository here, but giving them some positive feedback by asking for it, will probably be the “right thing”tm to do 😉

Oh and don’t miss the long WIP thread with some nice (but over post-processed) screens here.

WIP weapon model

Last but not least: To avoid sounding too negative *again*, I think this is a great development and this could become a really nice open-source modding platform, specially if they make at least a base set of assets available under a more liberal license *hint* 😉 So show them some support by helping out or maybe donating.