Wesnoth 1.11.8: Development Release

Just as a new year begins, Wesnoth 1.11.8, the eighth release of the 1.11.x development series has been released. This version features important changes to the game UI and controls, as well as the usual assortment of additions and improvements for players and content creators alike. Have a look at the complete announcement listing the most notable changes in this version.
As with previous releases, we also offer two versions of the changelog: a trimmed-down players changelog including only those items considered to be relevant in regular gameplay, and a (relatively) more complete and technical full changelog with more detailed contents.
The source code, Windows, Mac OS X, and OpenPandora packages are already available on the downloads page. You may also find packages for other platforms there as they become available.
Bear in mind that this is a development version likely to include a few new bugs or features that still need to be polished in forthcoming releases depending on your feedback. Don’t forget to report to our bug tracker any issues you find!
You may comment on this release in the forums.

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