OpenArena Community Mappack Vol. 1

The OACMP team is proud to present…

OpenArena Community Mappack Vol. 1!

The OpenArena Community Mappack (also called OACMP) is a mappack containing GPL'd maps made by the community itself. The idea is to give GPL servers something else to play aside of the official maps and the already GPLv2'd maps.

This idea started in the official OA forum. Anyone, as long as they respect the rules of the mappack, could be part of the DevTeam for this pack. They don't even need to be mappers, even if they can't produce assets, this doesn't mean that they can't test the maps themselves and give feedback. The style of the map was up to the mappers themselves, with the only important restriction being that everything must be GPLv2'd, like OA itself.

Over the course of a year and a month and a half, the Team worked very hard in this pack. The result is 13 high-quality maps, 10 FFA-oriented and 3 CTF-oriented, from 4 authors and a plethora of collaborators.

Bundled with the pack is a mod which adds the OACMP FFA maps to the Single Player Deathmatch/Unlock Tiers mode. It (like the pack itself) requires OpenArena 0.8.8 in order to work.

The installation is as simple as “unzip everything in your OpenArena directory with routes enabled”.

With all of this said, we hope you enjoy the pack as much as we enjoyed making it!

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