MegaGlest 3.9.0 released

Since I am having internet troubles as of late, I’ll keep it short and hope it will actually come through:

Megaglest 3.9.0 was released today, see changelog:

– we hopefully now really solved the last out of sync problems for cross platform games.
– animated tileset object support. ( like trees moving in the wind )
– new tileset texturing possibilities
– new tilesets birchforest, desert4 and updated mediterran using animated objects and new texture system
– greatly improved textures and animations for the roman faction
– new maps
– better network game performance / management to handle slower clients.
– easier ability to download game content from host and masterserver( if available there ).
– new arranged options menu with several sub menus
– menu gui improvements
– attack hotkey toggles through all attack types
– single player games can be sped up incrementally in steps.
– color picking is greatly improved and the default selection mode now for better compatibility
– greater ability to translate game content into your native language. (including techtrees)
– Added Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese (and others).
– screenshots for savegames without annoying menu in screenshot.
– addition of google-breakpad to better track down bugs.
– many new lua functions for scenario modders.
– cell coordinates are shown in the mapeditor
– tilesets can set default air unit heights
– added ability for stand alone mod’s to customize more of the engine like about screen.
– performance improvements.
– and as always many bugs were fixed
– improved textures for tech faction

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