Donation drive is now live!

For those of you that missed the announcement posted here Donation Announcement

We have started a donation drive to keep the operation of the server alive. In the past, all hosting costs were provided by one person, which we very much appreciated! However, the cost is getting too much for one person to bear.
The server is what these forums are running on, as well as the lobby server, addons, and trac (bug tracker) along with the wiki, and buildbot to make the builds.

That means, that if we can’t get enough donations to be able to continue being hosted with the current service provider, then we will be forced to scale down operations and go for a simpler, less user-friendly solutions.

The current server provider has this deal:
Our deadline is at the end of April for our current setup.
If you know of a better price than what they offer, then we are all ears.

If you can spare a one-time donation, or a on going subscription to help out with the recurring server costs, it will be much appreciated!
To donate, click on the Donate! link on the forums, or use this link Donations

–Warzone 2100 Project Team


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