Requesting donations

As you may have noticed occasionally, the server that this forum is running has at times been resource constrained. We are using it for automatically building snapshots and releases, for tracking bugs, this forum, the games server, and several other tasks. So far the costs for running this server has been paid by a member of the team. We need to move to a better server, but this costs more money than one person should pay on their own.

We are therefore looking for people to help us out with this. Server rental expenses are recurring on a monthly basis, so if you could donate a small amount of money each month to help us run this show, we would be much appreciative. You can also donate once, if you want. The more money we get, the bigger and faster server we can afford. We will keep a list of donors, income and expenses updated publicly. Regular donors may get a special forum badge if we can find someone to draw one. You may of course be anonymous, if you want.

To help out in this manner, please go to and click on the shiny new PayPal buttons.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t contribute monetarily, though. We know that not everyone has money to spare.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM the Staff account.


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