Addons is now live!

Today, after some unfortunate delays, we now are ready to go live with the new addons section.

We would like to thank all the hard work that forum members Duha, NoQ & Fastdeath accomplished in helping us make the new addons site a reality.
We would also like to thank the following members, Berg, effigy, Shadow Wolf TJC, karamel, aubergine for all the testing & feedback that they have provided.

Everyone who wants to add new content, or to vote for the content on the site must first register using their forum credentials.

  • You do not need to be logged in to be able to download things.

If you decided that you wish to upload your addon to the site, then you must follow these simple instructions: Addons

Remember, the addons site is for the FINAL versions of your addon, please upload it to the Addon discussions area for general debugging and feedback.

  • No addon should have any errors/warnings in the logs, so always check your logs!
  • The moderators are NOT beta testers! Don’t waste their time.
  • Once you upload something, then you can’t access it again until a moderator approves it.
  • You can report addons that have issues via the report button, only moderators will see it.
  • While not mandatory at this time, it is highly suggested that you have a forum thread for your addon, so we have a good way to communicate with the author about possible issues.

Lastly, please be patient with the moderators that we have, they are doing this on their own time, like the rest of the developers.

–Warzone 2100 dev team


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