3.1.0 has been released!

Today, we finally release Warzone 2100 version 3.1.0!
It is available at our usual location: https://sourceforge.net/projects/warzon … ses/3.1.0/

This release has been very long in coming, and brings along over 2 1/2 years worth of bug fixes and improvements.
While our small team of developers pushes ahead with continuing to improve Warzone 2100, you can expect quicker releases than it took to get 3.1.0 out the door.
Special thanks goes out to our developer Cyp, for bringing us perfectly synced multiplayer games, something that no other version of Warzone 2100 has ever had.

We wish to thank all the people that made this release possible, with all the helpful feedback, and the bug reporters to help us help you with a more bug free game, and the mod community for bringing helpful utilities like flaME, the map editor made by Flail13 and Berg for updating and converting many models that we use in game, along with MaNGusT, Jorzi and the rest of the Art Revolution members for continuing to improve textures and models that we use (or will use) for the game, and NoQ, for all the help he does, his maps and the new devious AI he has created, and a big thanks to all the translators whom have localized this game to enable a wider audience, and finally, we also want to thank the many other people who have contributed to Warzone 2100!

Important Note for Mac Users: This release supports intel (both 32bit and 64bit) on 10.5+; this will be the last major release to support 10.5.

Note: Unfortunately, this release is a bit late because of technical difficulties with the server, and the compiler.

Special note:
We now have Warzone 2100 portable builds available with and without videos!


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