0 A.D. Development Report #9

0 A.D. Development Report #9 (21/10/2012 – 21/11/2012)

Wildfire Games, the international group of volunteers developing 0 A.D., are happy to present this week’s 0 A.D. development report.
If you want to find out more about the development of this open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game or if you are interested in game development in general, it might be an interesting read.

If you want to be part of this project, we urge you to post your application in our forums. We are currently looking for Gameplay, AI, Sound and Graphics Programmers along with Animators and 3D & texture artists. You prefer to do something else than programming or drawing? Luckily for your portfolio we are also looking for a Sound Lead, Video Editors, a Documentation Manager and Scenario Designers. Still no luck? Head to our forums and join our active community!

Screenshot of the Month!

This strategic land bridge was named after the nearby Greek city. Need I say more?

Posted Image
Click the image to see a larger version.

Art & Programming & Sound

Wraitii added enhanced water rendering, shore foam and waves for your viewing pleasure! He has also updated the water settings for most scenarios.
leper added diplomacy to the game! Is your ally eating up your CPU’s power? Declare war! He also added resource icons in the in-game tooltips (patch by regular contributor zoot).
quantumstate added unit training hotkeys (patch from mammadori), some more mediterranean textures and a tutorial scenario: ‘intruductory tutorial’.
stwf kept working on the Sound Manager. Hurricane Sandy cut off his electricity for more than a week but now he’s back in business.
Shield_Bearer added the Roman bireme (= an ancient oared warship). He is also working on new human models together with Kopesh and Enrique!
Omri_Lahav added yet another new track to our ever-expanding soundtrack: Calm Before the Storm.
Enrique kept working on the Mauryan Indians, a new civilization which will be fully playable in two alpha releases’ time. Lately he committed the Mauryan fortress among with some more textures. He has also added rubble (when you destroy a building) for most buildings!
fcxSanya reimplented training limits for heroes! Only one hero per player so choose wisely!
Spahbod added a new map: ‘Corinthian Isthmus’.
Zaggy1024 animated yet another animal! Please welcome in all its glory: the peacock!
historic_bruno updated some lists with contributors, and fixed Atlas and Collada dylib loading on OS X, for non-bundled binaries and a build error on MSVC (for most people this reads as: two bugs were fixed).
Mythos_Ruler added normal/parallax mapping for Iberian & Roman gates, an attack animation for females and some weapons and shields for the Mauryan Indians.
Last but not least: Myconid. Last week we decided to drop the fixed function renderer (which is barely used nowadays and was holding our graphics back). A road map was published internally with a list of planned graphical improvements. If Myconid can implement all of these (which he is capable of), then 0 A.D. will set the new graphical standard for open-source games.
One of our newest asquisitions, Ludo38, has been making box art and wallpapers.
Strictly speaking not part of the team (yet!) is Lordgood who has modeled and textured a few buildings for the Mauryan Indians.

See you in a couple of weeks with the latest development news!

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