TORCS version 1.3.4-test2 available (source package and source patch)

TORCS version 1.3.4-test2 is available, as patch against the 1.3.4-test1 and as all-in-one source package, get it here.

This release adds support for Valgrind runs, and has lots of memory leaks fixed (beware, for the ordinary users there were no significant leaks, but during development it is annoying if you get spammed even with practically irrelevant leaks by Valgrind, so for further development it makes sense to clean this up). TORCS has no “definitely lost blocks” (caused by TORCS) anymore in the ordinary running path, I reduced as well the “still reachable” count (the console mode is even there almost clean).

For details about running TORCS under Valgrind have a look at the README file. As usual, hit Read More below to review the full set of changes. Please test this release very hard, because it is easy to introduce errors when fixing memory leaks. After having done the boring stuff, I will start now working on the feature part of 1.3.4.

Enjoy, Bernhard.

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