Unknown Horizons 2012.1 Release

Heya everybody,
today we proudly announce our latest release: Unknown Horizons 2012.1! Almost on time, and we think fixing the last known crash was worth waiting a few days. Enjoy this great release!

Before we go into the details, we’d like to thank our friends at FIFE for releasing their newest changes prior to schedule, specifically for us – making this release possible. Cheers folks!

A short overview of the new features in 2012.1:

  • Usability and interface overhaul: especially these blog posts
  • Components and object files, as explained here
  • New buildings which are listed here
  • Multiplayer save/load
  • Status icons for buildings
  • Catastrophe system (currently implemented: fire)
  • An update checker that will inform you about newly released versions in-game

(You can check out the complete changelog here.)

As expected, packages for Unknown Horizons 2012.1 can be found in the download section of our website. Packages are available for Windows and many Linux distributions. Downloads for the remaining Linux distributions and OS X will be updated as they become available.

Known issues

Since Unknown Horizons is still under development, we left some minor hints in our release to indicate this 😉

  • OpenGL – Support broken on certain netbooks – please stick to SDL in these cases. More information in our FAQ.
  • Fisher boats stay on the map after tearing: This is a feature, we will add a re-assign mechanism to other fishers later
  • The preview when placing an iron mine looks like placing a mountain
  • When rotating view, some buildings may get confused about their Z coordinates. Working on a fix here, stay tuned.


Return the favor

Please report any crashes or problems through our support page.

If you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve your gaming experience with Unknown Horizons, please also share them on our IRC Channel or the forums!

Want to help out but aren’t the coder type? Check out the list of open areas to tackle! Amongst other important tasks such as scenario writing, game design or balancing, we’d like to emphasise that Unknown Horizons is still in need for a lot of translation work.
We are adding more and more content from release to release. With pootle it takes seconds to start translating Unknown Horizons to your language! Visit out pootle translation server to get familiar with the system or go to our wiki page Translators Guide for more information. Contact us on IRC if your language is missing.
No matter if you want to help out with game design, writing, graphics, voice recording or programming: If you like UH, check our “Get involved” page!

If you like playing Unknown Horizons please consider donating to the project. This helps with paying our servers and to continue development. It also serves as a motivation to all team members 🙂

Have fun with 2012.1!
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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