Do you know Python / Django / PHP ?

With the upcoming release of 3.1, it would be nice to give a face lift to the site’s design.

If anyone is interested in doing this, let us know. :)

Currently, the source to the site’s design is located here:

The guide ( is using very old data, and is in dire need of updating for 3.1.
The addons section ( is a work in progress, but lacks many features that are needed and is buggy.
The Frontpage needs new screenshots (among other things).
If you want to make a new WZ themed skin for the forums, we are open to that as well.

While you could improve the current code, you can also use Django & python to make a new design for addons (or whatever else).
We aren’t that picky, we just need something that works, and is easy to maintain.


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