PlayOnLinux 4.0.17 released

PlayOnLinux 4.0.17 has been released!
Here’s the changelog:

- Support for GoG games (
- Support for MS-DOS games (with DosBox integration)
- PlayOnLinux checks that wine is run on a valid unix filesystem to avoid problems.
- Translations updated
- When you click on cancel button during an installation process, all windows programs are closed;
- Un bug corrigé au niveau de la sortie de wine qui causait des problèmes lors de la création de raccourcis
- playonlinux file.exe did not work with 4.0.16 on Linux. We’ve fixed it.
- Searching for .exe file is faster
- First use assistant can’t be canceled
- Bug fix in PlayOnLinux wineprefix’s logfile, which reported that a wine version was patched when it was not the case.

Download it from:

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