TORCS Endurance World Championship 2012

The TORCS Endurance World Championship 2012 is set up and ready for
signing in. We use TORCS 1.3.2 to start the season, have a look at
the README for a list of changes. The most important changes regarding the
championship are:

reduced drag advantage for the leading car when slipstreaming
ground effect drops quickly when air flow is not parallel to driving direction
new car available (car8-trb1)
some Gf* API functions operate now with const char* instead of char*

I set up a test championship to make the competitors familiar with the process
and to give the opportunity to iron out problems and getting used to the people
before the real championship starts.

Here you can join the real championship.

I hope to meet you on the track and that you enjoy the 2012 season. Have fun,


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