Stunt Rally 1.4

  • Now 71 tracks
  • 2 new cars TC6, NS
  • Graphics
    • Proper shadows (depth/self shadows, terrain lightmap on car, road, trees…)
    • Improved shader effects (powered by a dynamic material & shader generator)
    • Car fresnel effect, reflectivity/specular maps
    • New effects “Screen Space Ambient Occlusion” and Antialiasing SSAA
  • Gameplay
    • Mud (on tracks J14-Muddy, D9-Mud)
    • F12: Go to last checkpoint, F4: Restart race (without loading)
    • New sounds (boost, water, mud) and particles
    • Track completion percentage indicator
    • Distance to other cars / ghost indicator
    • All cars / ghost on minimap (partial)
    • Improved in-car camera
    • Rear gear throttle-brake inverse option
  • Performance
    • Car paint color instant change
    • Option to turn off impostors (2D trees in the distance)
    • Customizable shader quality
    • Newer Paged Geometry version (faster vegetation)
  • Editor
    • Fluids editing (water, mud areas)
  • Other
    • Now using MyGUI3.2 (MyGUI 3.0 will NOT work anymore)

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