netPanzer 0.8.4

Main changes in this Release:

Scripting. More commands now: type /listcommands or /server listcommands in chat to see the command list.
The ‘c’ key (or CTRL+ ‘c’ key) is a shortcut for the countdown command, also available via scripting /countdown seconds.
Also now it’s possible to delegate some admin tasks (like kicking players, changing map etc.) to a remote user (player) if he knows a given password – set psw in config.cfg then in game chat /server adminlogin password.

Full syncing of units. Now gameserver admin decides units configuration and it will affect all players (also speed settings and regen timeouts).

Custom flags. Put a flag in your /pics/flags/ folder and you will be able to select it on connection – now flag selection is after you’ve connected to a gameserver. Everybody will see the flag you’ve chosen even new flags created by you (no more flag packages hassle).
Currently you can also change flag live, while in game, by toggling the ‘b’ key.

Some new features available for gameserver admins. Check both config.cfg and netpanzer-dedicated.ini. Note: initial (spawn) units are now set in config.cfg – check game.unit_profile and game.unit_spawnlist.
game.base_limit decides max number of bases per player.
game.autokicktime is the time in minutes for inactive players before disconnecting.
game.allowmultiip (true or false) is to allow or deny players with same IP.

Finally a special window will announce the round winner based on points of ranking tab.

Check the ‘Help’ section included in the binary for full instructions.

Also some changes in code have been done in preparation of future developments and to improve network performances.

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