Evolution RTS v1.9 Released! Engine updated to v84!


Ok, ok, yeah I know, this probably doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but it really is. Many bugs in the engine were fixed, more functionality was added, and a bunch of little features got added that I have been dying to get my grubby mitts on.

Namely, Isolation mode. For those of you who use the Spring Engine “Vanilla”, you will understand immediately what I mean when I say that using Desura install on top of another regular engine install was a messy process. For that matter, it qualifies as a disaster. Thankfully, that is now fixed within the engine. I can force the engine to stay in it’s install folder and no longer interfere with any other engine install. This also means that I will FINALLY be able to test my own game’s install process without using a Virtual Machine.


For many users, from rates have doubled. In my case, frame rates quite literally tripled. You can probably imagine the look on my face. Using basic water (default is bumpmapped), my framerate peaks up around 260 fps. With bumpmapped water on it goes down a little bit and of course this is all without any units on the screen at all, but the simple fact is that performance got a huge boost with this update.


The main updates in v1.9 are as follows:

• Map borders now look much much nicer

• AI tuning is more or less perfected (unfortunately due to some unforeseen issues, Shard AI cannot be included yet)

• Keybind for “Repeat” command added (bound to “q”)

• Console only shows chat messages now instead of chat + system messages

• 3 new maps added (CenterRock, Eye of Horus, and MoonQ20x)

• 1 new War track added “Better Than Nothing – Deathkllr84″


I am still working on various other features to add such as different gametypes, scoring modes and a few other little surprises.

Oh and because I keep being asked, I am working very very hard on getting Evolution RTS onto Desura Linux. I have run into a lot of pitfalls and unfortunately I can’t solve these issues myself and must rely on assistance from the engine devs, so just hang tight guys, it’s being worked on!

On another note, I plan to have another Evolution RTS hangout on Google+ semi-soon so stay tuned!

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