OpenDungeons finally has a new Website!

OpenDungeons finally has a new Website! And as you can see, we even have a blog now (and we are even planning to use it frequently for posting release news, big development milestones and open tasks).

The new website should make it easier for new players to get an overview of the game and for interested developers and artists to find something to do. Especially for developers we finally provide a Doxygen output (this will be updated once in a while. Oh, and by the way: Our code still has many undocumented places! If you want to help this could be an easy starting task).

The forums will stay where they are and the wiki will also still exist – but the wiki will be only used for detailed development roadmaps and documentation. The central meeting point for all players will be this new website and the forums.

And last but not least: Some news about the game! What are we currently working on? After the last release, the game has better graphics by making use of shaders and normal maps, it now has a proper console (which will be further improved in the near future) and we have AngelScript support (some of the console commands are scripted already). Expect a new release soon!

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