ETXreaL 0.3.0

You can download it from

This is a complete download. You don’t need any previous versions of ETXreaL.

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* IMPORTANT: Changed media license for community contributions to “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported”

* Changed required minimum OpenGL version to 3.2 on Windows
* 20 – 80% faster runtime speed by using better Visual Studio compiler options
* Replaced VS 2008 and SCons project files by Premake 4.3
* Changed default binary installation folders to bin/ to avoid conflicts between different architectures
* Improved r_softShadows quality and speed with irregular shadowmap sampling like in Crysis
* Implemented Exponential Variance Shadow Mapping to fight the VSM light bleeding problems
* Optimized tangent space calculations for ET skeletal models (big speed improvement if r_vboVertexSkinning 0)
* Fixed bugs concerning r_vboDeformVertexes
* Added more ET specific keywords to the .shader parser
* Added top-down view for r_showBspNodes
* Added engine version to the console
* Updated JPG loader to libjpeg 8c
* Added Omni-bot 0.81 to default etmain game
* Defaulted com_maxfps to 125
* Rewrote HDR tone mapping to use correct RGB <-> XYZ <-> Yxy color space conversions
* Added GUID system to generate etkeys which are sent as cl_guid
* Renamed r_dynamicLightCastShadows to r_dynamicLightShadows

* Improved ETXMap -map2map -format quake3 using additional support for worldspawn detail brushes
* Improved ETXMap -map2map -format quake3 to support texture coordinates without GtkRadiant 1.4
* Improved alternate BSP splitter algorithm for faster map compiles and better rendering speeds
* Updated JPG loader to libjpeg 8c
* Changed Unix home dir from .etwolf to .etxreal

* Added over 1 GB new high resolution textures using diffuse, normal and specular material information
* Added replacement textures for battery and fueldump by Eonfge
* Added high quality skyboxes and models by AVOC
* Added fueldump additions by KeMoN
* Converted original ET maps to the Doom 3 .map format and added an etx_ prefix to them

If you find bugs then report them to…04&atid=389772, please.

Have fun.

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