Towns 0.30


here is the current changelog for the upcoming Towns 0.30 alpha.

– Balance: Walls are now built in the masonry (with 2 stones)
– Balance: The arrival of immmigrants is checked every 3 in-game hours (instead of every in-game day)
– Balance: When a citizen (or soldier) dies. The global happiness is reduced by 20%
– Add: Custom actions engine
– Add: Animation engine
– Add: Random drop engine
– Add: Ranged weapons engine
– Add: Buildings now can have an automatic mode turned on (non-stop production mode)
– Add: Buildings can be forced to be built over certain terrains (ie. wheat farm over grass, mineshaft over stone,iron,coal,…)
– Add: Buildings can have non-rectangular shapes, and the entrace may be placed elsewhere
– Add: Hide buildings when hold shift
– Add: Engine prepared for friendly units (ie. A cow)
– Add: Current mission objective status is shown in the objectives panel (F1)
– Add: Infinitive verbs when attacking
– Add: A lot of content!
– Add: Drop for friendlies and citizens
– Add: Random prefixes and suffixes to military items when droped by an enemy
– Change: All non-operative items will show the red-cross mark (ie. A bed built but not placed in destination)
– Change: Citizens now ends his tasks before they go to eat or sleep
– Change: If a citizen is carrying an item, he drops it before they go to eat or sleep
– Change: A wall (item) can be used as a room wall
– Change: Rooms can be built outside
– Fix: Improved the fluids routine (reducing CPU time to a half)
– Fix: Row-building mode fixed (walls)
– Fix: Returning to main menu could crash the game in some cases
– Fix: Removed the Windows end-of-line character from the Linux launchers
– Fix: Minor bug fixes

Hope you like it!

Xavi Canal


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