Hedgewars 0.9.16 Released with Downloadable Content, 3D Rendering and More

Hi! Remember these? It’s been a while right?
Well. It’s that time again. A new release of Hedgewars.
As usual, you can get it on the Download page.

There’s quite a lot of stuff in 0.9.16, so it is hard to know what to focus on. Let’s pick some highlights.

* Downloadable content! Simply click to install any content. New voices, hats, maps, themes, translations, music, scripts… Hedgewars is now more customisable than ever before! As time goes by we will be soliciting community content to feature on this page, so remember to check it from time to time. If you decide you want to go back to standard Hedgewars, just remove the Data directory from your Hedgewars config directory.

* 3-D rendering! Diorama-like rendering of the game in a variety of 3D modes. Let us know which ones work best for you, we didn’t really have the equipment to test them all.

* Resizable game window. Also full screen has been re-enabled under Windows.

* New utilities! The Time Box will remove one of your hedgehogs from the game for a while, protecting from attack until it returns, somewhere else on the map. Land spray will allow you to build bridges, seal up holes, or just make life unpleasant for your enemies.

* New single player: Bamboo Thicket, That Sinking Feeling, Newton and the Tree
and multi-player: The Specialists, Space Invaders, Racer – scripts! And a ton more script hooks for scripters

* New twists on old weapons. Drill strike, seduction and fire have been adjusted. Defective mines have been added, rope can attach to hogs/crates/barrels again, grenades now have variable bounce (use precise key + 1-5). Portal gun is now more usable in flight and all game actions are a lot faster.

* New theme – Golf, dozens of new community hats and a new localised Default voice, Ukranian. The game supports localised voices now, if people create more. For theme creators, the theme format is now much simpler and clearer, take a look at:
http://code.google.com/p/hedgewars/wiki/Theme and

* New game modes. Tag team mode where 2 teams share their time to do a combo attack and a solid border.

And more. To list a few.
Snow is now smooth and does not block walking, tons of new scripting hooks for scripters, up to 8 teams can now play in a game, 9 new colours for teams, get away time modifier, toggleable camera tracking, smoother less pixelated land, updated translations, and many many many bugfixes.
See http://hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/ChangeLog.txt for as many things as we remembered doing.

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