18 Extra Hot Linux Commercial Games (Part 3 of 3)

There remains a scarcity of commercial games available for Linux with the big game companies rarely venturing into the Linux world. The main reason cited continues to be that its market share does not warrant high ticket-price games being ported over to Linux, let alone releasing an exclusive title. Also there is a perception that Linux gamers are more reluctant to put their hands in their pockets (not literally). However, the recent Humble Indie experiment, where gamers chose the price they wanted to pay, showed that this is far from the truth. The game bundles were available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. It was Linux gamers that were, in fact, prepared to pay (by donation) more for the same games than their Windows and OS X counterparts. How refreshing to put to bed that myth.

There is a market for Linux commercial games which is still largely untapped. This offers a real opportunity for indie developers, who lack significant funding, to generate good sales. The more publicity that indie games receive should hopefully entice their developers to release further titles, as well as encouraging new entrants to the scene.

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