Planeshft 0.5.7

Good news for all the PlaneShifters! A new release is ready! 0.5.7 has been just released with some interesting new features and updates, in particular:

  • We added more realistic textures (normal maps) to the following levels: Ojaveda, Hydlaa Arena, the three cave levels, the blackflame temple, the death realm, gugrontid guildhouse, law guildhouse, simple guildhouse, jayose library, laanx temple, laanx temple dungeon, hydlaa sewers, hydlaa tavern. The result should be more detailed and nice looking surfaces.
  • A new guildhouse is now available for ojaveda in enkidukai style!
  • Hydlaa arena has been improved for allowing better NPC movements, hopefully this will fix some odd behaviours during combat.
  • We are continuing to add new wizard robes to complete the set, this time we added nolthrir female and klyros male robes.
  • Added trophies to be used as prizes in tournaments
  • Added animations for crafting, hammering (already released in minor update)
  • Many updates to sounds and spells. All casting effects have better graphic, performance optimisation for lot of spells.
  • Almost redone all dark and red way spell effects
  • Containers window has been improved with a “take all” button
  • Various fixes to NPC AI and behaviours
  • The loot functionality on the server has been expanded to allow better balancing in future
  • Several fixes on the interface and removal of few crashes
  • It’s now possible to change tooltips appearance
  • /mount is now a toogle command
  • Emote commands are now accessible from /emote emotename and can be hidden from the main domain of commands
  • On screen messages can be disabled
  • Improved sorting in some windows, it’s now possible to change attack stance by defining going up or down in level of stance
  • Fixed empathy, it should work again
  • GMs can now edit books of others
  • Many updates and fixes to quests and factions
  • Expanded MyPlane to have list of current online players and link to their profile

Many new items are under work right now and we are very excited about the future! If you want to help, spread the word of PS, play the game and remember we are always seeking new developers to join the team!

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