Zod Engine Update

Change Log for the Zod Engine Linux Distribution 2011-06-05

Since 2011-03-18

* Many optimizations to allow for larger map support
* Up to 8 team colors instead of 4
* Building listing GUI installed
* Map editor minimap installed
* Map editor can save bmp of map
* Map editor has undo / redo
* Map editor has a ruler
* Map editor can select multiple tiles
* Other map editor usability improvements…
* All 35 single player and 20 multiplayer maps are converted
* AI plays progressively instead of full rush
* Tank track effect installed
* RVGB buttons now work correctly
* Balancing tweaks
* Units auto fire through rocks
* Unit movement code improved
* Unit chase code improved
* Units can not shoot enemies behind rocks
* Unit speed decreases with damage
* Units run while dodging or acquiring things
* Other misc improvements / bug fixes

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