Desura Linux Development – We have UI!

Evening everyone (or morning, afternoon, night, whichever it may be),

Figured I’d do a quick updated, as it’s been nearly a week since my last. Here’s a quick recap of the technical issues we’ve resolved, some of which I didn’t mention last week as the post would have been too long:

  • Needed to write a basic linux bootloader (the main executable)
  • Crash immediately after attempting to login* Login failed due to SSL issues* Every button thought it was being clicked twice
  • Dialogs were being drawn with multiple frames
  • Buttons couldn’t be activated by [Enter]
  • Offline mode would crash
  • Menu button was buggy
  • I wasn’t mentioned on the ‘About’ page
  • Avatar on the main form was out of proportion
  • A few other minor nagging issues

We also spent a significant amount of time working on porting CEF ( to Linux, which is mostly complete and working with both GTK and wxWidgets. Thanks heaps to Marshall Greenblatt for his continued support.

Here’s some nice shiny examples of the UI to keep you Linux gamers and Desura enthusiasts on the edge of your seats.

Nearly fully functioning login form:

Main form sans web interface (Yeh tab and button themes are still a little buggy):

CEF running in a wxWidgets test application:

Over the next week or two we plan to smash head first through quite a few milestones, and we’ll definitely take screenshots as we go and keep all of you guys and girls in the loop.

I also loved all the feedback from the first post, and the insightful and supportive comments. As I said in one of my replies; sorry if we miss you now and then, there’s a lot to keep up with!

To finish this off, I thought I’d say there’s a few news sites that caught wind of the Linux screenshots, and a few commenters who ran with the wind and compared the ‘leaked screenshots’ to the similar Steam incident. I don’t know what those guys over at Valve are up to, but let me confirm this now: we’re definitely working on Desura Linux, and I’m doing everything in my power to make it happen soon! For those of you that doubt there’s a strong enough Linux gaming community to justify it, just go have a look at the Humble Bundle graph ( Not only are these guys amazing developers who make great games, but they are doing some great things to support multi-platform DRM-free indie gaming!

Until next time,

Keith Poole
Linux Engineer / NCP

My quote of the day: “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” – Oscar Wild, RIP

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