‘Helena The 3rd’ – New Indie Action Platformer Game for Linux

Helena The 3rd is a new fun action platformer for Linux inspired by good old NES game, Blaster Master. The game innovatively combines 2D and 3D environments where you control a high-tech tank blasting your way through challenging levels and hordes of enemies.


The core gameplay is very similar to blaster master and those who have played the original NES version will quickly notice its resemblance to the classic. However, Helena The 3rd takes you to a neatly designed 3D world with its own new gameplay elements.

As soon as we start a new game, we find ourselves in control of a battle tank ‘Helena The 3rd’ equipped with a powerful gun. The game hints us about the controls, which are very similar to FPS games. We can move around the tank with WSAD and jump with SAPCE while using mouse to aim and shoot.

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