Popular Linux Game ‘Frogatto’ Updated to Version 1.1

At long last, Frogatto 1.1 is out! It’s available for Mac and Windows, Linux (just source for now, but you can help provide something better), and OpenPandora on the download page. It has also been submitted to the iOS App Store and Mac App Store for review.

In this release we’ve added arcade mode, made art improvements for the forest, basement, dungeon, and other areas, improved the look of the “darkness” feature, added more forest enemies, added translation support (with 4 completed translations; French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese), added achievements, and fixed a bunch of bugs. As well, on iOS, we redid the controls, added iPad support, integrated OpenFeint, and made multitasking work.

EDIT: It is now on the iOS App Store, and Mac App Store. And for those requesting fullscreen support, in the Mac App Store version, it’s there in the File menu now (in any other version you can press ctrl+f).

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