GTA2 inspired game ‘Greedy Car Thieves’ adds new cars, sounds, physics and more

May-2011 is yet another freeware test version. You can download it completely for free, let us know about possible bugs and, what’s most important, have lots of fun!


The most important changes since February version include:

  • server finder (just hit ‘refresh’ button to get list of currently available servers)
  • destroyable street lights
  • new GUI (Head-Up Display)
  • new, better sounds
  • new game types (Bombmatch, Race)
  • better blood and other animations
  • a few new vehicles
  • vehicles’ names
  • improved physics
  • cute installer for Linux
  • each user keeps his/her own files in home dictionary (under Linux)
  • teammates’ nicknames
  • many bugs fixes and improvements


Looking forward to see you in the game!

About GCT:

A fresh new sandbox game is now upon you! Follow the stories of a couple of friends from childhood, who now stand on the opposite sides of barricade – Thomas is a lawman, Kevin works for Mafia. Witness how their life paths cross while they take hard decisions, leading to a dramatic finale. Out of the story mode, multi-player awaits you, where you can face real players in various game types. Shootouts, car thefts, pursuits around the cities; all that within this fast-paced game!


  • single-player story mode where you play as both a lawman and a thug
  • multi-player mode with various game types: free for all, 1v1, team deathmatch, capture the flag, hunting, bombmatch, race
  • a lot of cars, weapons, power-ups and destructible objects that succesfully diversify the gameplay
  • fire to enemies while seating in a car as a passenger
  • precise aiming mode makes it no problem to accurately fire to enemies even from a roof (despite the fact the game exhibits an old-school top-down view)
  • delightful visual effects including ambient occlusion, dynamic per-pixel normal-mapped lighting, real-time dynamic shadows (cars headlights and sunlight with varying day-night cycle), water reflections, blooming and antialiasing
  • fast and reliable networking, based on UDP/IP protocol, minimizes game lags and provides continuous multi-player gameplay
  • map editor that lets players to easily create new cities with a lot of predefined objects and tiles
  • runs on Window XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS

Still not convinced to play the game?

The description listed above may have not yet convinced you to play the game. If so, imagine you’re logging to the server which has 5 o’clock AM. It’s a team match. You’re joining the red one (the other one is green; not classic blue since police owns this color). There’s not much traffic since it’s night. You and your pals find cars on car park, steal them, turn on headlights, move around the district to find some weapons and finally head for green flag. Your team is arriving at place. You fortunately avoid few rockets shot on you, get off the car, use lighting-up electro-gun to shock few enemies, steal flag, get back to car and immediately fall back, once again avoiding rocket shot on you. You, escorted by your pals, are running away by highway. The enemy team is just after, shooting on you with AK-47 from their cars. Cars of your team are already damaged a bit and you don’t have headlights to light-up your way. Fortunately there are street lamps so you don’t need the headlights that much. You’re going that highway and… BOOM! Your friend to the right has been shot with rocket launcher from the green team guys forming a blockade on the street. At once you and your pals get out off the cars – a great shootout begins. You’re outnumbered (your team’s killed players respawn at some distance from the place of shooting). There are Molotov cocktails flying all around the place. You think you won’t be able to carry the flag, but suddenly police comes out after green team members. You’re getting the occasion, throw few smoke grenades, enter the car and bypass the police and green team, successfully driving enemy’s flag to yours. You made it. Your team is leading 1:0 – this is just the beginning of the match.

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