Wesnoth 1.9.6: Development Release

Wesnoth 1.9.6 has been released. This is the seventh release of the 1.9.x development series. It includes huge, groundbreaking changes like a new faction for multiplayer (in an additional era). Please have a look this forum thread to get a rough idea about those big changes. If you are using Mac OSX 10.4, please download the extra version from the download page and don’t use the link from the frontpage.
We offer two versions of changelogs: a rather nice to read players changelog that only includes changes every player will probably notice and the (rather) complete changelog with (almost) all the details, which is likely to cause a serious headache…
At the moment the Windows, the MacOSX and the OpenPandora packages are ready. You can find them at the download page. Once the others are done you can find them at the download page, too. Please keep in mind that it is a development release which might include quite many bugs. If you find one, please report it to help us fix them in following releases.

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