Free Multiplayer Shooter ‘Teeworlds’ 0.6.0 Released

More than two years ago Teeworlds 0.5.0 first saw the light of day. 0.5.1 followed shortly after and 0.5.2 approximately six months later with only a tiny array of changes. Now, one and a half year later, 0.6 is here! During this long period of time the development scene has changed a lot. In July 2010 Teeworlds moved from using SVN and Trac to Git and Github because it is easier to work together with other people. In August, matricks then handed over the development to a new team.

From that point on the development speed increased and during the last months tons of changes have been made. Over 500 issues have been addressed; the graphics team has reworked big parts of the tilesets and the servers were made more secure. Players can now easily show their nationality and in-game voting has never been this easy. There is also a brand new set of languages to play Teeworlds in.

A few things also happened with gameplay. Attacking with ninja will no longer reset your speed to zero, but you will regain your previous momentum. In addition several new maps, mainly for CTF, have officially been integrated. Improvements were made to the gamemodes and the map editor. It now features rotating and coloring tiles aswell as folder support, automatically generated background, scrollbars and the ability to specify what layers to save.

Now, it is much easier to manage the voting options if you are logged in as administrator and it is also possible to vote players to the spectators. Using aliases in votes makes it easier for people who are not that familiar with the server part to understand what they are voting for and it is also harder to exploit the voting system now.

As a spectator you now have the option to follow a specific player. You can mute players in the client so that you will not see them chatting. Disable the HUD entirely to get maximal control and minimal disturbance while playing.

Special thanks to Oy, matricks, teetow, chi1, Landil, crises, m!nus, heinrich5991, Zatline, Choupom and all translators who made all this possible! Now go grab the latest version from the download page and have fun!

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