GameTree Linux Is Trying To Be Its Own Steam-Like Platform

This morning we reported on the soft announcement that TransGaming would be replacing Cedega with something known as GameTree Linux. Not much information was available at the time, just that it was built upon Cedega technology
, would replace the subscription-based Cedega Gaming Service, and would be distributed as a free program. Now though a few more details have come to light.

TransGaming hopes to rejuvenate itself by offering GameTree as a centralized game distribution/management platform for Linux PCs and like systems, including set-top and mobile devices. Basically it’s set to be similar to Valve’s Steam Content Delivery Platform or the new alternative, Desura. Steam is still coming to Linux with the Source Engine, which will immediately jump to the front, and Desura is also looking at possibly offering a Linux client too of its digital distribution system.

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