Warsow 0.6 is here!

Yeehaa, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! After a combined effort of over 16 months of dedicated developing by our amazing team of dedicated hobbyists, and contributions from our own community, we can now all welcome the next milestone of War§ow: 0.6!

As with every major release, there are many improvements. For the full scoop, check out the changelog. For a quick fix, here’s some of the major improvements:

» Maps! plenty of new maps and most of the old maps restyled and redesigned for improved visuals.
» Models! All weapon models have been retextured for a more unified and modern look.
» New Gametype! Added the class-based ‘Capture the Flag: Tactics’ gametype.
» Music! A brandnew full soundtrack by jihnsius. 6 in-game songs and 2 new menu soundtracks for you to enjoy while browsing for servers.
» Prettier! Engine updates for improved and more realistic lighting.
» Better performance! Higher framerates due to greatly improved engine performance. Lower latency due to better netcode.

Warsow 0.6 weighs in at a hefty 429mb, that’s almost 200mb of added value for the same extremely low price (of nothing!). We invite the community to give feedback. If want to discuss anything else related to the new release, find bugs, or simply want to vent your opinion, head on over to the forums – feedback is much appreciated!

Now head on over to the Download page immediately to grab your free copy of Warsow 0.6! As usual, it comes in a Windows Installer package, a unified zip package (Linux + Windows) and a Mac OSX package. Additionally, you can grab the sourcecode in the Warsow 0.6 SDK (Software Development Kit), and the Warsow 0.6 Presspack for some high resolution screenshots and multiple vectorized versions of the Warsow logo!

Have fun, and let us know what you think of Warsow 0.6!

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