21 More Notable Free Linux Games (Part 3 of 3)

There are often reports regarding concerns about computer games having negative effects on children and adults, with the fear that these games can lead to violent behaviour and addiction. However, studies by leading researchers have shown that there are many positive attributes to playing computer games, some of which we have alluded to in our earlier articles. Computer games can help players to improve their cognitive skills, enhance creativity, deepen language and maths skills, and help people to think on their feet and outside the box, the latter referring to novel, creative and smart thinking. However, above all these things, games offer pure, unadulterated fun.

Linux is vastly underrated as a gaming platform. This may be due to the fact that there is no significant marketing of Linux games. With a lack of big-name games featuring in the computing press, coupled with a low market share for Linux on desktop PCs, things might seem bleak, with major barriers to the growth of Linux games.

However, the reality is that Linux has a huge range of games (predominately free to download). Whilst they do not gain much publicity, many of them offer real depth and gameplay. The purpose of this three part article is to help draw attention to these unsung gems.

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