Warzone 2100 3.0-beta 4 is now released!

The Warzone 2100 Project staff bring you 3.0-beta 4!

Please submit all bugs via this link, and follow the directions listed at the link, we need every bit of that information in order to fix bugs!

NOTE: the command line arguments need a “=” between parameters now.
For example: –mod_mp=blah

NOTE: For mac users: Support for 10.4 has been discontinued; using 10.6 is highly recommended as 10.5 does not support a sufficiently high OpenGL version for all types of GFX cards.

Downloads will be made available at our usual site:
Warzone 2100 file releases on Sourceforge.

Source tarball:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone … z/download

http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone … g/download

http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone … e/download

NOTE: if you have Beta 3 installed, then you can replace the .exe with this one:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone … z/download

2010-11-29: Version 3.0 beta 4

    • Fix: Fix multiturret droids trying to look at invalid weapon slots of structures when looking at their targets. (99ec8a015e)
    • Change: Show tooltips for player & tech level buttons. (0c77b898c2)
    • Fix: Fix an invalid pointer dereferencing issue in the script events system. (#2300, dfbceff864)
    • Change: Improve shooting over structures (cc0756a10a)
    • Change: Revert ‘Try to make cliffs more prominent’ patch, it has unintended consequences. (663bc6db06)
    • Fix: Fixed crash for all players when the last player clicks “Ready” too many times. (#2346, eea0d0276a)
    • Fix: Fix truck limit when giving trucks (commit: a6b3f0bd94ce8f6e64e6cc09cf5efbc2a4cb1ad0)
    • Fix: Fix kicking of non-hosts who didn’t have default color values. (#2329, fd2843e643)
  • GeneralGraphicsMultiplayerTranslations

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