Heroes of Newerth 1.0.17

S2 Games have released version 1.0.17 of Heroes of Newerth, their DoTA-inspired strategy game. Changes:

* Added kill streaks, and other kill events to the player stats page
* Touched up some effects on the main menu background
* Updated stringtables
* Updated Catman Leader effects when he stomps
* Tablet of Command: Can no longer be used while immobilized
* Harkon’s Blade: Can be toggled while stunned
* Bombardier: Tweaked sounds and effects slightly; added voice
* Deadwood: Slow from Willowmaker is now linear in how it decreases instead of down-up-down weirdness
* Flint Beastwood: Flare now does DOT damage over 2 seconds (initial hit, 1 tick after first second, 1 tick after second second)
* Legionnaire: Terrify is now properly applied in a cone in-front of him again
* Pharaoh: Ult (with SOTM only) can now be toggled between targeting enemies only or enemies and allied heroes

Also, S2 Games has setup HoN Dream, where players can create new heroes for evaluation by the community for eventual inclusion in the game.

Source – LinuxGames

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