Racesow v0.5 Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Warsow-Race website, because for the next 7 hours and 52 minutes (at time of writing :P) you’ll be greeted with a fancy countdown-timer for the next major Racesow release: v0.5!

Racesow will be released at: 2010-10-20 20:10:00

To refresh your memory on what Racesow is:

Racesow wrote:

Racesow is a popular race modification for the first person shooter Warsow, developed since 2006. It is the ultimate Warsow racing experience, designed for both new and experienced players.
Racesow is supported by Racenet, a friendly and competitive racing community ( http://www.warsow-race.net). A high-end database system was coded for Racesow to enable real-time statistics over a network of game servers.

The next release (and the first to be compatible with Warsow 0.5) features comprehensive stats and a nifty nick-registration system. For full details, head out to the ‘Press’ page.

Stay tuned!

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