New testing build for 3.0 is now up!

The Warzone 2100 Project staff bring you a new testing build for everyone’s testing enjoyment.

This is the new 3.0 codebase, and we can use some testing to help us iron out the issues.
We do not plan to do another 2.3.x release.

Special thanks goes to (in alphabetical order):
Forum member Berg, for the TCmask models, and textures.
Corvuscorax for fixing it so you can’t shoot through terrain now.
Forum member Flail13 for enabling X-player map support in FlaME 1.10 (or higher!)
Forum member MaNGusT for creating the new terrain textures and updating all the required files.

Thing to check for in this release:

  • Is everything rendered correctly ?
  • How do the new terrain textures look ?
  • Testing that you really can’t shoot through terrain.
  • Testing the new MP transport, we need feedback on balance and everything else involved with it.
  • Performance issues (The new terrain renderer requires a bit more power for your graphics card.)
  • Anything else that seems different / wrong.

Please submit all bugs via this link, and follow the directions listed at the link, we need every bit of that information in order to fix bugs!

Windows: … e/download
Tarball: … z/download

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