Castle Vox 1.0 has been launched

Sillysoft is extremely pleased to announce the release of our newest computer game: Castle Vox!

Castle Vox is a fresh take on classic strategy boardgames. It’s available now for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computers.

There’s an excellent demo available, please try it. The full version has 35 beautiful maps and counting. Many of the best Lux map-makers have crafted new maps for Vox. There’s online multi-player support for both daily-turns games and fast lux-style games. The Hard AI provides a good challenge, and more is in the works.

Screenshots and demo download are here:

Pssst… use the promo code INFOWAR to save 25% off when buying Castle Vox. Limited time only, thanks for subscribing!

IndieCade Festival
Based on a beta version, Castle Vox was selected as a finalist in the IndieCade Independent Games Festival. Find us at the Culver City Game Walk if you’re in Los Angeles on October 9th-10th. Creators Dustin Quasar and Mark Bauer will be there showing off Castle Vox in person.

Dustin Q

PS: remember to send in your Luxtoberfest votes before the end of the month. Events are ongoing…

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