Warzone 2100 2.3.5 RC4 has been released

The Warzone 2100 Project staff bring you this 2.3.5 release candidate 4.

This should be the final release candidate before the actual release build.

This is your last chance to report any issues with this release candidate, and balance feedback!

We strongly urge everyone to try this 2.3.5 release candidate 4–especially multiplayer users!, and report any and all issues with it.

Please submit all bugs via this link, and follow the directions listed at the link, we need every bit of that information in order to fix bugs!

Downloads will be made available at our usual site:
Warzone 2100 file releases on Sourceforge.

Windows build | Mac build | source tarball

2010-09-12: Version 2.3.5_RC4


  • Fix: Possible crash when designing units (r11630, #2150)


  • Change: Display no-tank, no-cyborg or no-VTOL icons if the relevant factories are disabled via limits (r11633)
  • Fix: Make sure new players are shown immediately (r11650, #2136)
  • Fix: Lobby tooltip display (r11647, #2157)
  • Update Rebalance 0.8.3: (r11635)
    * Weaken Flak Cannon and Sunburst a lot more. I’m pretty sure this change makes them too weak, but when introducing new weapons it’s better to make them too weak than too strong.
    * Increase HP of a bunch of VTOL weapons
    * Remove VTOL Flak Cannon
    * Slightly buff Hurricane/Whirlwind


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