Chocolate Doom 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 of Chocolate Doom was released recently; the project aims to replicate the behavior of the original DOS DOOM releases. I’m a bit of a DOOM purist, so this is the source port I use when I want to play single player. Moreover, developer Simon Howard was interviewed by about the game:

Simon: There’s such a variety of reasons why people still play Doom. In terms of game play, I think some things are balanced in a unique way that is different to modern games – things like the speed of the player and the selection of weapons. I’ve seen comments to the effect that no other first person shooter is as fast-paced for deathmatch as Doom is. For single player, while modern games have moved on to one-on-one battles with intelligent AI opponents, the Doom gameplay remains enjoyable – slaughtering your way through hundreds of (comparatively dumb) monsters to reach the exit.


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