Endgame: Singularity 0.30b

Version 0.30b of Endgame: Singularity, a rogue self-aware AI sim, is out; changes include assorted bugfixes.

- –nosound properly ignores the sound system.(emh, Cyclotron / Daryl for bug report)
- Better appearance when no items will fit in the slot. (emh)
- Knowledge screen is refreshed properly when loading a game. (emh)
- Time Capsule English text no longer assumes the Antarctic. (Phil Bordelon, Avaera8820 for bug report)
- Game pauses when random events occur. (Phil Bordelon, captainsegfault for bug report, justapawn for initial implementation)
- Savefiles are now in sorted order instead of an arbitrary arrangement. (remur_030)
- Additional corrections to de_DE translation. (Christian Gerloff, Developer-KI)
- Really make the Projects do something. (Phil, WvWisokee for bug report)
- “news” and “media” are only synonyms to humans. (FM, captainsegfault for bug report)
- Support the Delete and Keypad Enter keys properly. (Phil, Yoshi for bug report)
- Stopped building additional CPUs from refunding the money previously paid. (FM, Yoshi for bug report)
- Location name fix. (Phil, pederick for bug report)
- Fix a crash with handling scrollbars. (Phil, netantho for bug report)
- Fix a bug where the finance report wouldn’t always display. (Raymond Martinau)
- Updated (but not fully complete) es_AR translation. (Guga)
* New it_IT translation. (Daniele Sapino)
- Fixed a bug where building 0 CPUs made the game crash whenever time was unpaused. (FM, don.ridge for bug report)
- Font sizing has been improved. Most dialogs should no longer appear “bloated”. (FM, Gastón Alonso for bug report)

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