Tankaar 10.08: Three platforms and half century of Astras

Tankaar reached another milestone this Sunday, 8th August, 2010. After another two months of development (read sleepless nights and head banging with code) we finally released Tankaar 10.08. The previous version Tankaar 10.06 has been disabled completely and new one is available for download. There is something which makes this version special which I would like to share in this blog.

With this version number of astras in Tankaar touched the half century mark. So there are 10 more astras as compared to the previous version. These astras present new glimpse of the capabilities of Tankaar to offer variety. So with these new innovative astras the strategy of play becomes more involved. Apart from being innovative these astras bring Tankaar closer to the Indian mythological battles. “Rath Chakra” will remind you of the instances of Mahabharata where wheel of chariot was used for defense and offence. One such instance was when Abhimanyu was caught in Chakravyhoo and he used wheel of chariot for his defense. In another event Lord Krishna took the chariot wheel and tried to attack Bheeshm, as Krishna had vowed not to use any weapon in the battle. “Divya Trishul” will remind you of Trishul of Lord Shiva. “Shila Astra” will remind you of battle of Ram and Ravana where Vanars often used rocks as weapons. Inspiration of “Manav Astra” comes from astra used by Ram against Marich, uncle of Ravana. So with this version Tankaar moves it few steps closer to Indian Mythology.

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