Warzone 2100 2.3.2 has been released!

The Warzone 2100 Project brings you 2.3.2.

One of the new features in this release is an option to rotate the screen using the middle mouse button. Those of you with no middle mouse button will be able to rotate the screen by holding down the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.

We’ve also included a new map: 4c-Pyramidal, by Mysteryem.

The map chooser no longer shows “Sk-” in front of every map name. The minimap has been improved with several new features, including a burning icon for burning oil wells.

And we’ve made numerous other fixes to Warzone – the full changelog is below.

Have fun!

As usual, downloads can be found on our download page or directly on Sourceforge.

Bug Reports:
As usual, we need bug reports to fix problems in the game. Please note that we use tickets only to track bugs, for discussions about how features should work and feature requests we have a dedicated forum section.

For bug reports, see BugReporting for details, in short:

  • Search the existing tickets for your problem, if the problem has already been fixed in SVN, the ticket will be closed.
  • If there is an open one already, feel free to add more info to it.
  • If there is no report yet, make a new ticket.
  • Be as detailed as possible in both summary and description, and either log in with your forum account or leave an email address so we can contact you if we need more information.
  • The more information we have, the easier it is to fix problems, so include savegames/instructions to reproduce the bug, crashdumps, backtraces, screenshots for graphical problems… if you have.
  • When you attach files to a ticket, please add each text/image file separately and uncompressed, so we can view them easily in trac (savegames can and should be zipped, they consist of name.gam, possibly name.es, and the files in the name/ folder).

Detailed Changelog:
2010-07-25: Version 2.3.2


  • Change: Save settings when closing the window, not only when quitting with the menu (r11128)
  • Change: Save screenshots as PNG and JPG (r11131, r11201)
  • Change: Use the desktop resolution by default instead of 640×480 (r10981)
  • Change: Make sure to use at least 640×480 (r11250)
  • Change: Add descriptions for the included Challenges (r11181)
  • Change: Show burning oil wells burning on the radar instead of pulsing (r11263)
  • Change: Show cliffs (impassable tiles) on the radar (r11264)
  • Change: Add an option to select fixed or rotating radar (r11286)
  • Change: Make the fixed radar have a constant distance from the border (r10972)
  • Change: Make the fixed radar unblurred at full zoom steps (r11130)
  • Fix: Don’t crash when hitting features with 0 hitpoints (r11186, r11280)
  • Fix: Make fire damage independent of frame rate, fixes armor calculations (r11015)
  • Fix: Initialize the radar and video textures to black (r10987)
  • Fix: Correctly clean up destroyed features (r10994)
  • Fix: Correct unit destinations (r11193)
  • Fix: Unit count in debug mode (r11030)
  • Fix: Don’t play overlapping sounds in the intelligence window (r11147)
  • Fix: Make the Debian packaging scripts work again (r11266


  • Change: Add an option to rotate with the middle mouse button, or left and right together (r11224)
  • Change: Don’t show “Sk-” and “-T1” in the map chooser (r11112, r11202, r11206)
  • Change: Draw the hints in the option menus smaller at the top (r11129)
  • Fix: Fix broken text alignment in Mac OS X (r11231)
  • Fix: Make sure all menus return to the previous one, and that escape works in all of them (r11011, r11014)
  • Fix: Correctly align the map chooser close button (r11132)
  • Fix: Transporter ETA image (r11271)
  • Fix: Show complete game name in the lobby tooltip (r11276)


  • Change: Update sync timings (r11016)
  • Fix: Don’t crash when trying to join a full game (r11051)
  • Fix: Prevent a possible crash when a player drops (r11273)
  • Fix: Make sure everyone sees quitting players (r11111)
  • Fix: Make player position and color changes atomic, to prevent inconsistencies (r11272)
  • Fix: Receiving the game list from the lobby server (r11257, r11265)
  • Fix: Byte and packet counts in the net logs (r11065)


  • Change: 2c-Startup rebalanced, files replaced with the files from 2c-startup2 (r11145)
  • Change: New four player map Pyramidal by Mysteryem (r11190)
  • Fix: Add a missing cliff tile on 8c-Wheel (r11145, #1935)


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