Warzone 2100 2.3.1 has been released!

A little later than originally planned, we have now released version 2.3.1 of Warzone 2100.

This release finally includes the Playstation music track, thanks to yic2006_44 for providing a lossless copy of it. Some graphical polish was done, like showing background images and videos with correct aspect ratio on non-4:3 screens, and a better map preview and AI slider for multiplayer games. We now have a faster building queueing system – hold down Shift while building to see it in action. And of course, a few bug fixes are included as well. The detailed changelog is listed below.

As usual, downloads can be found on our download page.

Bug Reports:
As usual, we need bug reports to fix problems in the game. Please note that we use tickets only to track bugs, for discussions about how features should work and feature requests we have a dedicated forum section.

For bug reports, see BugReporting for details, in short:

  • Search the existing tickets for your problem, if the problem has already been fixed in SVN, the ticket will be closed.
  • If there is an open one already, feel free to add more info to it.
  • If there is no report yet, make a new ticket.
  • Be as detailed as possible in both summary and description, and either log in with your forum account or leave an email address so we can contact you if we need more information.
  • The more information we have, the easier it is to fix problems, so include savegames/instructions to reproduce the bug, crashdumps, backtraces, screenshots for graphical problems… if you have.
  • When you attach files to a ticket, please add each text/image file separately and uncompressed, so we can view them easily in trac (savegames can and should be zipped, they consist of name.gam, possibly name.es, and the files in the name/ folder).

Detailed Changelog:
2010-06-13: Version 2.3.1


  • Change: Add the Playstation music track (r10905)
  • Change: Put date and time in screenshot file names (r10951)
  • Fix: If setting the chosen fullscreen video mode fails, retry in windowed mode (10683)
  • Fix: Power calculations (r10770, r10772, r10794, r10885)
  • Fix: Crash when loading saved games with different mods than currently loaded (r10531, r10723)


  • Change: Draw subtitles with shadows (r10681)
  • Change: Add “scout” and “disembark” cursors (r10723)
  • Change: Improved AI slider (r10725)
  • Change: Fast build queueing by holding down shift (r10795)
  • Change: Improved map preview (r10901, r10944, r10947, r10962)
  • Change: Show backdrops with correct aspect ratio, cut off the part that doesn’t fit the screen (r10945, r10948)
  • Change: Show videos with correct aspect ratio, with black borders (r10946)
  • Change: Show an optional description for challenges (r10950)
  • Fix: Subtitles menu option works again (r10682)
  • Fix: Make double-click interval game-speed independent (r10736)
  • Fix: Display “build” cursor while building (r10764)


  • Fix: New improved scav script that operates scavengers individually, helps when they are station in multiple scav bases (r10717)

DyDo AI (r10773, r10774, r10775, r10776, r10786)

  • Update to 2.1.4: Improved initial building sequence and speed, improved the way trucks are moved between groups (r10786)
  • Challenges use maps included in the game

NTW (r10762, r10800, r10872


  • More range for for twin assault cannon, less mg damage against all buildings, a slower tank and cyborg production at start (r10861)

1.10 balance

  • Less hit points for artillery, they are all on 25-35% now (r10879)
  • remove the lancer rof upgrades to keep the old balance (r10953)


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