Wesnoth 1.8

More than one year has gone by since we released Wesnoth 1.6. To thank you for almost 4 million downloads via sourceforge.net, we now proudly present Wesnoth 1.8. You can look at the (translated) release notes to get an idea about what has changed since 1.6. For those who just want to play, the new release is available for download. This stable release is compatible with the last two releases in the 1.7.x stream. If you have any comments, we would be happy to hear them in the forum thread dedicated to this release. We hope there are no bugs left, but if you find one, please report it.
We are also looking for help in several areas, so that many other releases of similar caliber can follow this one. We are especially looking for translators, graphic artists (sprite, portraits, terrain, story images), music composers (a background in classical composition, and good equipment required), sound artists (for special effects), authors (writing/maintaining campaigns, creating content like unit descriptions, improving the ingame help) and, of course, coders. If you want to participate in developing Wesnoth, just have a look at the forum or visit us in the IRC channel #wesnoth-dev on irc.freenode.net.

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