Skulltag Source Code – RELEASED!

Now I realize this isn’t news about Project Vega/Last Bastion, but I think that given the magnitude of this announcement… maybe you’ll let this slide :)

After years of standing in the way of this, I have finally decided to allow for the release of the Skulltag source code. After all, let’s be honest: No longer running Skulltag has given me a different perspective on this issue.

The release of the source code is something that Torr has wanted to do for awhile now. For security reasons, we’re releasing the source to the older 97c2 first. I have given him permission to release any subsequent versions that he desires. After all, who am I now to stand in his way?

Some benefits to this are:

  • Being open-source will eventually allow Skulltag to update the GZDoom renderer (provided Graf doesn’t modify the license again)
  • Someone might fix Botscript
  • Someone might implement a more centralized handling of the client/server code

It will be interesting to see what happens with this. Will a community of people all pitch it and help make Skulltag a better product? Or will other ports use this to bolster their products and erode Skulltag’s multiplayer Doom success? Time will tell!

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Here it is! Enjoy!

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