Set in a land, where common physics apply but everything else looks different.

You are Tiny, a little, technophile guy with a ray cutter, a gripping device, a bad habit and

a fine attitude towards the world. But now your nemesis Big stole the only

heritage your grandpa left you: A fine pair of white, fine rib underpants and

he‘s surely up to no good. Why else should he climb that haunted, ancient mountain

in the desert. Where noone goes…

So load up that raygun and rope device and take your annoying and jabbering backpack

to accompany you. It‘s always been good use to your gramps.

Run, jump, drag, shove and laser your way up that mountain, get back those underpants!

  • Runs on our own gear, the ScApe Engine
  • Dynamic hatch on environment and in shadows
  • Realistic custom physics
  • Tooling around with raygun and grappling hook
  • All textures completely analogue drawn and handmade
  • popping sounds
  • … a talking backpack

Tiny and Big is an independent game production by black pants studio, currently rooted in Kassel/ Germany.

A team of three programmers, four 3D animators, two illustrators and one technical director create this

extraordinary adventure. They have been working 7 months on the project, so far.

Team is:


Christian Niemand … is coding the line but still fishing the blues

Sebastian Schulz likes programming, rock music and c++.

Johannes Spohr will not shave until the demo is done. Also, C++.


Florian Grolig. Should finish his graduation film, but hell, making games is tooo much fun. He enjoys a good drink and rock bands.

Philip Gutjahr

Sebastian Stamm is currently living and studying in Kassel, working as an Animator, Illustrator and VJ.

He enjoys comics, good canned meat, punk rock and ray guns, also loves the word pimple pointer.


Vincent Zurwesten they say, he’s just a friend.


Alexander Draude

Federico Martin

Julian Vavrovsky

Beatrix Schubert

thanks to Travis Hammond

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